Our Almost Free Lunch policy, which we started a couple of years ago—a short menu of simple splendid dishes at an extremely economical price—has been a flaming success.  

So much so that when the bookings for our Almost Free menu deal began to burgeon very large, we had to think about what we were doing.  Bookings made via Toptable / OpenTable and other agents, even the Livebookings console on our pages, require significant service payments to the providers.  The service charge factor was essentially turning our very economical lovely luncheons into plainly uneconomical lamentable losses. 

We considered abolishing the Almost Free Lunch entirely.  But that would have been unpopular, and a real disappointment to many regular customers.  So we decided to maintain the great idea, but change the terms and make it more exclusive.  



So we now have the Almost Free Lunch CLUB.  As with the Mickey Mouse Club and the Groucho Club, any orderly person can join.   

There is only one rule that has to be followed:  DON’T make your booking via our booking console or via another agency.  DO book by phone, or text, or just pop in without a booking if necessary.  (Thus costing us no agency charges to introduce you to your lunch.)  Our land line phone number is 020 7404 0200.  Our mobile number for phone or text: 07757 014292.  

When you graciously visit, say you are a club member, to confirm that your booking was un-agented.  Your server will then slip you a Club menu, and tell you any specials on offer for the day—each for a price that’s describable (at a slight stretch) as Almost Free.  

If you have come via an agency, bless you anyway, and them.  If you fancy having the AFL we will consider you a pending member, and charge you one bronzer more.  Next time, phone, text, or just drop in, and the cost will be Almost Free-er!  


Beef hash:
hashed beef, onion & potato, topped with a fried egg
8.50 / 9.50

Chicken escalope:
fried breaded breast of chicken, with chips
8.50 / 9.50

Kedgeree tuna biryani:
long grain rice poached with tuna, hard boiled eggs, spices
8.50 / 9.50

Spanish scramble:
scrambled eggs with chorizo sausage, potato, garlic, saffron
8.50 / 9.50

Bratwurst Platte:
Bratwurst, Dijon mustard, boiled potatoes, sauerkraut
8.50 / 9.50

Daily special:
ask staff
8.50 / 9.50


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